Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Are Acid Eye power banks the best?

Are Acid Eye power banks the best?

Currently there are lots of power banks options available in the market and unfortunately, I have used almost all of these. I was highly disappointed by the quality of these big brands as none of them showed me the worth of their price. I was looking for a power bank with long battery life and less charging hours. I am into the travelling job and out of 24 hours, my almost 12-13 hours go while talking on the phone. My friend who is big time techno freak person suggested me “ACID EYE Universal Charging 15600 mAh Power Bank”.
Initially, I was a little hesitant to use the “Acid Eye” product as I was not exactly aware of their presence in the market. My friend was using their power banks and headphones for a long time now. He gave me his power bank to use for a week. Per my understanding, a week time was little less to understand the performance but after using the power bank I was little convinced and thought to give it a trial. It cost me almost Rs 1300. It’s been a year, I have been using this product and fully satisfied with the service. The Best part of this product is the cute Digital meter and its long-lasting battery life

  • Awesome battery life.
  • Gets charged within 2 hours
  • Got a cute digital meter.
  • Looks absolutely stunning.
  • Good Customer Service team
  1. Not a well-known brand
I am completely in love with this product and would suggest everyone to at least once use “Acid Eye” Products. These products are worth spending money.
Buy From Amazon: Electronics at Rs. 1,299
Buy from Website: at Rs. 999

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