Monday, January 21, 2019

Why Do You Need a True Wireless Earbud?

Finding the right set of the Burly01 true wireless earbud is very much difficult when you are having a lot of choices. You cannot be able to find out the right set of earbuds that are available over the internet. You may be searching for the things that you have to consider prior to placing the order for the wireless earbud. One thing that you must keep in mind that you have to check the set of the earbud is true earbud. Today, in this blog we will aware you regarding the Burly01 wireless earbud or the specialties of the true earbuds. So, just have a look at the information discussed below:

Have a great battery: The major thing about the wireless earbud is how much power the battery is. If you will go for the option of the wireless earbud, then you will see that the wireless earbuds are having great battery life, and then can run around 36 hours and they are having the capacity of around 2100 mAh. You can use the true wireless for having the better battery life as after charging for a single time, you can use the earbud for around 4 hours.

Can be paired easily: Pairing is very much important if you are using AcidEye Burly01 wireless earbuds because this let the users to easily use along with the other mobile or any other thing. This can be done fast with the help of the true wireless earbuds. These best wireless earphones are proved best as compared to the other earphones.

Sweat Proof: Choosing the right and the sweat proof true wireless earbud is very much critical because in this case, you are unable to find that. If you will choose the True Wireless earbud, then you will feel that they cannot cause any problem related to the sweat.

Can be controlled through one key: Accessing the earbuds is very much critical, but if you will go for the option of the True Wireless earbuds, then you will feel that they can be accessed with the help of the single key which is the best advantage of using the wireless earbud. Through a single touch, you can easily play the next song and can answer to all of your incoming phone calls and check all of your messages too.

Have HD sound quality: Searching for the earbuds that are having the high-definition sound quality is difficult for the person who loves listening to music at a high volume. This is only possible if you will choose the true wireless earbuds that are the very affordable price too. These wireless Bluetooth earphones are made up of silicon.

Highly Compatible: Being compatible is the major issue that can occur in the best wireless earphones, if you will choose the Acid Eye Burly01 true wireless earbuds then you will feel they are compatible with every type of the mobile as well as tablets. These headsets can be paired with iPad, iPods, iPhones, windows and android phones as well.

Made with the Silicon: Silicon is the only type of the earbuds from which very rare earbuds are made as they are having no side effect on ear whether you are listening to the music on high volume or on low volume. The wireless true earbuds are made with the silicon which they do not cause any harm to the ears.

Warranty: Warranty is not found on every type of the wireless earbuds, but if you will choose the true wireless earbuds then you will receive the warranty of 1 year which means that if you will have any problem or technical issue while handling the earbuds then you can get that resolved without costing anything.

These wireless Bluetooth earphones come with the CSR chip. It is waterproof, HD sound that’s why it is called sporty earbuds as well. The battery backup is very good as it takes 2 hours for to full charge. These earphones are waterproof and sweat proofs as well.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Acid Eye X2T True Wireless Earphones |Unboxing & Review |Full HD

Hi guys,
This is Raghav and today I would be providing the unboxing details of newly launched Acid eye x2t true wireless earphones.
Firstly to give you an overview about acid eye company. It’s an Indian company involved into
headphones and power banks manufacturing. For more details you can check out their website
mentioned below. These wireless earphones are available in and their official website
So let’s start the unboxing!!

As the box says these wireless has been manufactured by Acid eye.
This earphone has 1500 maH charging dock. The charging dock helps in charging the earphones. These maH ratings decide the battery life.

At the back side of the box, you can see the specification of these headphones.
You can pause the video to see the specification in details.

So let’s open the box.
Ok the box is little heavy! How do I open it. Finally I succeeded.
Let see what it carries. It carries 2 earphones, an aluminum charging dock, a cute pouch, a data cable, a warranty card and some extra earbuds. The box carries lot of things, nice.

The warranty card specifies the warranty period and the details of the service center.
Moving forward!!

The charging dock is heavy and looks elegant in mate black. The earbuds are made up of plastic and is very comfortable to the ears.

Now let’s plug in the charging dock to the power bank to charge the earphones. There is a micro USB
port through which the dock gets charged. The USB cable is little short. There is a battery indicator at
the dock. You can see magnetic points on each side of the dock, this prevents the earphones to fall and also the connectors allow the earphones to get charge. You need to put the earphones, this way in the dock. There is a red light blinked while the earphones are charged. You will notice a blue light once the earphones are fully charged. It takes almost 2 hours to get the earphones charged and lasts for almost 5- 6 hours.

Now let’s connect the earphones to the phone. Firstly, you need to long press the earphones to switch on them; the red and white LED light confirms the earphones are ready to be paired. You can see X2T Bluetooth name in the Bluetooth section of your phone. Finally the earphones are connected, let me play something.

The sound is very clear and the bass is awesome. These earphones make me feel as if I am listening
something live.

The range is average; you can’t go too far from your phone to hear the music, but if compared with
other Bluetooth earphones of this range. This one would certainly be best.
Let’s check the call quality.
Hi Sam,
Can you hear me, ok.
What’s your weekend plan?
Will talk later with you.
You can very easily talk with the earphones.
If given rating,
I would give 10/10 in terms of look.
Talking about the battery life and charge time. I would give it 9/10 as it last for 5 hours and charges
within 2 hours.
The music and bass output quality is good; I would give these earphones 8.5/10 on this.
Overall these headphones are must to buy. Nothing better can be available in this range. I have already
bought mine.
Please type your questions or feedback related to this video.

Thank you for watching the video.

Buy X2t True Wireless

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Are Acid Eye power banks the best?

Are Acid Eye power banks the best?

Currently there are lots of power banks options available in the market and unfortunately, I have used almost all of these. I was highly disappointed by the quality of these big brands as none of them showed me the worth of their price. I was looking for a power bank with long battery life and less charging hours. I am into the travelling job and out of 24 hours, my almost 12-13 hours go while talking on the phone. My friend who is big time techno freak person suggested me “ACID EYE Universal Charging 15600 mAh Power Bank”.
Initially, I was a little hesitant to use the “Acid Eye” product as I was not exactly aware of their presence in the market. My friend was using their power banks and headphones for a long time now. He gave me his power bank to use for a week. Per my understanding, a week time was little less to understand the performance but after using the power bank I was little convinced and thought to give it a trial. It cost me almost Rs 1300. It’s been a year, I have been using this product and fully satisfied with the service. The Best part of this product is the cute Digital meter and its long-lasting battery life

  • Awesome battery life.
  • Gets charged within 2 hours
  • Got a cute digital meter.
  • Looks absolutely stunning.
  • Good Customer Service team
  1. Not a well-known brand
I am completely in love with this product and would suggest everyone to at least once use “Acid Eye” Products. These products are worth spending money.
Buy From Amazon: Electronics at Rs. 1,299
Buy from Website: at Rs. 999

Why Do You Need a True Wireless Earbud?

Finding the right set of the  Burly01 true wireless earbud is very much difficult when you are having a lot of choices. You cannot be able...